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Discover the Secret to Creating a Culture of Generosity in the Local Church

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Disciples Living Generously Course Description

A three-session series designed to help church leaders see stewardship and generosity as more than “how do we pay the bills” but rather “how do we grow generous disciples? Moving the focus beyond the church’s need for money to clearly highlight a disciple’s need to experience the joy of a generous life.

In this course you’ll explore foundational concepts that have not always been associated with stewardship in many churches:

  • The Importance of Relationships
  • Matters of Trust
  • Focusing on the Giver
  • Defining What is Enough

You’ll also dive into the Five Key Elements to consider when developing a stewardship strategy for your church.

These five characteristics are often found in congregations that are leading people to be generous givers:

  1. Self-Examination
  2. First Fruits Teaching
  3. Personal Witness & Storytelling
  4. Clear Vision for Mission
  5. High Expectation of Members and Leaders

Each of these Five Key Elements is accompanied by a video segment, along with suggestions for “action steps” and questions for reflection and response.

This teaching series will have an online forum as a place to share your challenges, hopes, and celebrations in ministry.

By the end of this course you will have the tools needed to establish a successful stewardship strategy to create a culture of generosity within your church.

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Your Instructor

Rev. Ken Sloane
Rev. Ken Sloane

Ken Sloane is the Director of Stewardship & Generosity for Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church.


Class Now Open

Class Outline

01 | Introduction

What is the secret to creating a culture of generosity in the local church? Why does stewardship seem so easy for some congregations, but so difficult for others? Why isn’t there a kit that people can buy or a box to open that will make it all better?

02 | Foundations

Stewardship is about relationships. Stewardship is not about what the finance committee does in August or September in preparation for the pledge campaign in November. It is not about the little box in the Sunday bulletin that tells people how much less last Sunday’s offering was from what was needed to make the budget.

03 | Five Key Elements

The five characteristics that are often found in congregations that are leading people to be generous givers.


Class Now Open